The University of Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts is situated in the renovated building of the former military barracks in Rijeka’s neighborhood of Trsat. It features modern classrooms, sculpture and woodwork workshops, facilities for ceramic, glass and mosaic art, printmaking workshops (litography, intaglio, relief, and screen printing), as well as a computer workshop, a photo studio, a screening hall, and a film studio.

The Academy offers undergraduate studies in applied arts, art education, graphic design and visual communication, and acting and media, including the corresponding graduate study programs.

Based on their individual preferences, students have the opportunity to pursue part of their studies abroad, through the Erasmus + CEEPUS mobility program funded by the European Commission, at foreign institutions with which the Academy has signed bilateral agreements.

The study programs are fully aligned with the Bologna Process, and adapted to the new reform guidelines. Incorporating the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), they offer students equivalent study opportunities across Europe. The system of elective courses, the flexibility of study programs, as well as interdisciplinary teaching and interfaculty subject offerings, highlights the variety and adaptability of the educational experience. Studying is based on a consultative and research-oriented teaching model with a strong emphasis on individual student mentoring.

The Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, as an institution for art and education, fosters the creation of knowledge and development of artistic skills in the field of applied arts, design, art education, and performing arts.

Guided by high artistic and professional principles, the Academy’s offers students high quality education, empowering them to assume responsibility and embrace professional roles, contributing to the overall advancement of the community.

In a stimulating working environment, the Academy cultivates creativity, innovation, artistic-research, and educational excellence. It also promotes trust, mutual respect, and dedication to artistic work.

Teachers and students, in collaboration with the local community and civil society, respond to the needs of society and the economy through the implementation of creative and innovative projects.

The Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts is a leading institution of higher education in the arts domain, serving as both a hub for professional and artistic research and a platform of creative ideas across applied arts and design, art education, and performing arts. As such, it is a desirable place for studying the arts in Croatia and the wider region.

The Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts is committed to the following values:

  • Artistic and scientific excellence
  • Professional development of individuals
  • Public engagement
  • Academic freedom
  • Ethical conduct and social responsibility
  • Collaboration and connection with individuals, institutions, civil society, and the economy
  • Advocacy for an ecological approach to sustainable development

The Academy of Applied Arts, as part of the University of Rijeka, adheres to the following principles:

  • Principle of public good, responsibility, and equality
  • Principle of transparency
  • - Principle of systematic strategic management
  • Principle of excellence and international comparability
  • Principle of academic integrity
  • Principle of ensuring quality by taking responsibility for personal and institutional development
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