Applied Arts

PROFESSION: Master of Art in Applied Art
WORKLOAD: 120 ECTS, 2 years

Program Description

The graduate study program in Applied Arts offers specializations in Applied Painting, Applied Sculpture, and Design for Theatre and Film, with the achievement of 120 ECTS. By passing all exams and fulfilling program-specific obligations, students complete the second level of education (level 7.1 according to the Croatian Qualifications Framework) and earn the title: Master of Applied Arts, with added specialization field.

In the academic year 2021/2022, the Academy introduced a new specialization field within the study of applied arts – Design for Theatre and Film. The aim of the program is to offer a systematical education to future scenographers and costume designers, i.e., professionals within the realm of film and theatre arts. More details.

The acquired knowledge and skills enable students to pursue various roles requiring specific competencies (positions in cultural institutions, cultural and creative industries, entrepreneurship, set design, costume design, film and theatre arts, as well as independent artistic endeavors) after completing the graduate program.

Within all specialization fields, students gain knowledge and skills in fine and visual arts through mandatory and a wide range of elective subjects, building upon the foundations acquired during their undergraduate studies. Additionally, students are provided with specific practical knowledge in the field of applied arts through core and elective subjects in their chosen specialization. By enrolling in elective subjects such as ceramics, glasswork, mosaics, web design, video production, set design, costume design, comics and illustration, as well as the design of artist’s books, students develop their own artistic expression and sensitivity over the course of two years.

Each subject is designed to span one semester, which gives students greater flexibility to take other courses within the institution, or participate in shorter studies abroad.

The study of applied arts comprises 120 ECTS credits and lasts 2 years (4 semesters).