Visual Communications & Graphic Design

PROFESSION: Master of Visual Communications and Graphic Design
WORKLOAD: 120 ECTSa, 2 years

Program Description

The graduate study program in Visual Communications and Graphic Design, with the duration of two years, represents the second level of education (level 7.1 in the Croatian Qualifications Framework). Upon completion, students achieve 120 ECTS and earn the title Master of Visual Communication and Graphic Design. This study program was developed in response to Academy's development, changes in the labor market situation, and the latest economic and cultural trends in Croatia and the EU.

Experts in the field of visual communication and graphic design are in high demand in contemporary society and the job market. Visual communication and graphic design are powerful channels for disseminating information, ideas, and messages, wielding significant influence in shaping attitudes in social and economic contexts.

Having recognized this fact, the Academy developed this study program with the aim of educating students who possess a critical and self-reflective awareness in the contemporary visual and communication realm. These individuals have a conscious understanding of the power and personal responsibility in manipulating both print and electronic media through the application of design methods and skills.

The study program provides students with scientific, artistic, and professional knowledge in the field of visual communication design.

In the theoretical part of the program, students learn about visual communication theory, marketing, and communication. In the professional and artistic segment, which involves project-oriented teaching in both compulsory and elective subjects, students refine design communication skills and develop individualized problem-solving approaches. The program is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills through independent and practical design projects. This approach fosters adaptive thinking, independence, self-critique, and the ability to take responsibility for own work. Moreover, students learn to collaborate, sharing responsibility and organizing work in a group.

The specialized knowledge and competencies enable masters of visual communication and graphic design to engage in activities where these competencies and skills are in demand. 

The study of visual communication and graphic design comprises 120 ECTS and lasts 2 years (4 semesters).

Learning Outcomes

  • Independent mastery of all types of visual communication design
  • Readiness for independent and group work
  • Application of all professional principles in practice
  • Taking responsibility in contributing to professional knowledge and skills
  • Responsibility towards all stakeholders in collective projects
  • Moral and social responsibility
  • IT skills
  • Practical application of knowledge and skills in the community
  • Practical application of knowledge and skills in the digital environment
  • Theoretical knowledge in visual communication
  • Theoretical knowledge in new media theory, culture, and technology
  • Theoretical knowledge in marketing and branding
  • Professional knowledge in the field of visual communication and graphic design
  • Project management and leadership skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Practical skills in programming languages
  • Conceptualization and concept development
  • Individuality and creativity
  • Awareness and management of metacognitive knowledge

Study program details