Quality Policy

The Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka (hereinafter: the Academy) is primarily guided by strategic documents aligned with positive legal regulations as the basic guidelines for improving and ensuring quality in all segments of its operations. Alongside the Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Law on Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Science, the Academy aims to diligently and systematically develop its work, both in educational, artistic, scientific, or professional activities, as well as for the purpose of improving the teaching process, studying, and overall work at the Academy.

With the intention of systematically and continuously developing, innovating, and aligning its work with the trends of quality artistic, scientific, and educational activities, increasing the quality of studying, and enhancing the satisfaction of students, teachers, and all employees, the Academy has the following objectives:

  • Continuously and systematically monitoring, aligning, and improving the quality assurance system in accordance with the guidelines of AZVO, legal regulations, ESG standards, and internal acts, mechanisms contributing to the improvement of quality.
  • Engaged, systematic, and continuous innovation of study programs, as well as the development of new ones at all levels of the educational vertical, according to the needs.
  • Improvement of educational content and knowledge acquisition systems towards purposeful and clearly defined learning outcomes and final competencies.
  • Promotion and encouragement of active participation of all stakeholders operating at or related to the Academy, in improving the quality system and the overall development of the Academy, especially students and alumni communities.
  • Development of Academy centers that implement and improve artistic activities beyond the scope of study programs, and active participation of the Academy in the wider and narrower community through these centers.
  • Systematic involvement of students and their representatives in the development of the educational process.
  • Encouragement of professional public engagement, and encouragement of teaching and professional staff for professional development.
  • Advocating the principles of transparent and accountable business for transparency.
  • Continuing to develop mechanisms for effectively implementing continuous quality system review.

University of Rijeka
Academy of Applied Arts
Prof. Art. Hrvoje Urumović