Art Education, teaching orientation

PROFESSION: Master of Art in Art Education
WORKLOAD: 120 ECTS, 2 years

Program Description

The graduate study program in Art Education represents the second level of education (level 7.1 in the Croatian Qualifications Framework), and is available to students who have completed an equivalent undergraduate program (minimum 180 ECTS credits).

The comprehensive two-year program requires the completion of 120 ECTS. By passing all exams and fulfilling program-specific obligations, students complete the second phase of their studies, after two years of regular attendance, and earn the title: Master of Art Education. The graduate study program in Art Education consists of three modules. Based on personal affinities in developing their artistic expression, students can choose between printmaking, sculpture, and painting.

Alongside artistic growth, students also acquire competencies in the field of pedagogy, psychology and teaching methodology. They develop essential cognitive and practical skills that serve as a foundation for future independent work and professional reflection. These include the capacity for personal critical, as well as self-critique, fostering improvement in both thinking and artistic practice.

The classes are held in the spaces of the Academy, but also at  the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The acquired competencies and the title enable students to pursue further development and undertake the state professional exam to become a teacher or educator. The state exam is essential for employment in the state institutions  involved in visual arts and cultural education. Additionally, Masters of Art Education can initiate their own educational programs in visual arts for children and community members, or pursue artistic development independently.

Each subject is designed to span one semester, which gives students greater flexibility to take other courses within the institution, or participate in shorter studies abroad.

After completing the graduate study, students have the opportunity to pursue further studies at an advanced level, in and outside Croatia.

The graduate study program in Art Education comprises 120 ECTS and lasts for 2 years (4 semesters).