Art Education

PROFESSION: Bachelor of Arts in Art Education
WORKLOAD: 180 ECTSa, 3 years

Program Description

The Study Program in Art Education  has existed for over half a century, being offered by institutions that formed the Academy. Therefore, the teaching staff boasts extensive pedagogical experience, while the program itself is continuously improved. The longstanding implementation of the study ensures high program quality, acquisition of essential competencies for professional work, and fosters artistic development of each student. 

The three-year undergraduate program requires the completion of 180 ECTS. By passing all exams and fulfilling program-specific obligations, students complete the first phase of the study and earn the title: Bachelor of Art Education.

With the completion of the undergraduate program, students acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of art and art education, with a special focus on one of the three areas – painting, sculpture, or printmaking. They can pursue further studies in the graduate study program in Art Education or chose another graduate study.

The acquired knowledge, competencies, and skills enable graduates to engage in activities where these competencies and skills are required: in cultural and creative industries, specific branches of tourism, entrepreneurship, electronic media, or they can work as independent artists.

In the first year of study, students acquire specialized theoretical knowledge in the field of fine arts. They gain necessary cognitive and practical skills as the foundation for future work and professional reflection, developing competencies for personal evaluation.

In the following two years, through a wide range of subjects covering art and theory, students deepen their knowledge and understanding of theories and principles in the field. Furthermore, they develop individual approach to work, autonomy, and creativity. They learn advanced skills in creating intricate artworks with clearly defined concepts. Finally, they develop teaching skills as part of the Teaching Module, which is delivered at the Rijeka Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The study program comprises 180 ECTS credits and lasts 3 years (6 semesters).

Learning Outcomes

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