Lifelong Learning

The Academy of Applied Arts offers the wider community the opportunity to enhance their artistic knowledge through lifelong learning programs. By participating in accredited lifelong learning programs in the field of arts, participants acquire specific competencies in visual arts, depending on the program they choose.

These programs adhere to the highest standards of visual arts education and are led by academically trained artists, Academy teachers, and industry experts.

Upon completion of the program, participants are awarded certificates. Lifelong learning programs are intended for all age groups.

All individuals of all age groups who have completed primary education have the right to enroll by filling out and submitting the application form.

Payments are made to the following bank account: HR4223600001101845215

Payee reference number: OIB-15

Designated use: Enrollment fee for lifelong learning

The enrollment fee covers the costs of professional guidance, basic materials and tools, technical and artistic equipment, organization and setup of the final exhibition in the APURI gallery, as well as the certificate of completion.

Applications are submitted through an online form, which can be downloaded from the "Documents" section and sent to the email address once filled out.

The application form can also be obtained from the Dean's Office.

Assistant Mirna Kutleša
Head of Lifelong Learning Program

Academy of Applied Arts
University of Rijeka
Slavka Krautzeka 83, 51000 Rijeka

+385 (0)91 792 9148