UNDERGRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education
GRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education

What is painting?

Painting is one of the fundamental branches of visual arts, and a painting is both an act and a result of a specific artistic action. Unlike drawing and printmaking, painting is an art form primarily expressed through color. However, artistic paintings often involve a combination of subjects and/or natural materials and can be naturalistic and representational, abstract, narrative, symbolic, emotional, or political in nature. As it combines drawing, gesture, composition, narration, and/or abstraction, painting is an extremely rich and popular form in visual arts.

You're here because you want to convey your thoughts, emotions, and ideas through paintings? Let your mediums become color and pigment, and let your canvases be unlimited.


What knowledge will I gain?

During the undergraduate studies, you will master both dry and wet painting techniques, while at the graduate level, you will cultivate individual expression and greater flexibility in method and approach. In approaching artistic work, students develop visual perception, but also specialized spatial perception. You will become familiar with artistic language while understanding historical context and its relation to psychology, sociology, and basic forms of critical expression. You will learn to analyze any artistic discipline and type, understand artistic processes, and perceive the integrity of visual arts.

Works of our students

Resources and working atmosphere?

Classes take place in fully equipped painting workshops, for work in both dry (pastels and chalk) and wet techniques (watercolor, tempera, egg tempera, acrylic, oil). Work is done in small groups, in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, respecting the individuality of each student.