UNDERGRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education
GRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education

What is sculpture?

Sculpture is the art of volume, fullness, and emptiness. Unlike a painting that has only one composition, a sculptural work contains as many compositions as there are viewing angles. With each shift in perspective, the relationship of the sculpture's parts to the whole changes. The shapes that sculptors create depend on many factors, but primarily on the material whose specific characteristics we learn to respect and the ways in which we can shape those materials.

Unlike a painting that has only two dimensions, a sculpture has a third dimension – depth. That's why it's said that a sculptural work is felt, and even read, by touch. If clay, plasticine, stone, or wood are the ways in which you write or want to write your thoughts and ideas, then sculpture is the path for you.

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What knowledge will I gain?

You will acquire competencies in sculptural expression and the interpretation of volume. Additionally, you will master modeling the head with portrait characteristics and modeling according to the torso of a live model and nude. You will also adopt technological knowledge about modeling and casting small nudes. At the graduate level, you will work on free sculptural artistic expressions using or combining modern sculptural materials and methods. Your mentors and professors will encourage you to think critically and experiment in your work, with an impetus to understand the contemporary sculptural context.

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Resources and working atmosphere?

Classes are held in modernly equipped sculpture workshops for working with clay, plaster, stone, wood, and metal. Classes are conducted in small groups, in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, respecting the individuality of each student.