Glass Art

UNDERGRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education
GRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education

What is studio glass?

Studio glass is an object, or a piece of art made of glass, sometimes in combination with other materials. There are different types of glass, and equally diverse are the artists who, each in their own unique way, work with glass as a unique material. Glass is particularly intriguing to artists because they continually discover new ways of manipulating it; it also offers many possibilities for experimentation within the realms of drawing, painting, sculpture.

Glass is fragile, yet visually powerful material, which is why it holds a special place in the imagination of people who have attributed it with many symbolic values and associations over the centuries. Because of this, glass has become an extremely potent and challenging artistic medium.


What knowledge will I gain?

You will learn to work with glass medium using various stained glass techniques – such as Tiffany technique, cold glass working, glass blowing, and flameworking, to name a few. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about the properties and technological characteristics of glass, as well as its history and application in other disciplines such as architecture. You will become familiar with conservation and restoration techniques of historical stained glass, and based on individual ideas and chosen techniques, you will independently create your final work.

Works of our students

Resources and working atmosphere?

Classes take place in specialized workshops with professional equipment for various glass processing techniques. Work is done in small groups, in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, respecting the individuality of all students whose glass works are often awarded as prizes at various events and competitions.