Workshop by Ivana Franke, internationally well known artist from Croatia with the residence in Berlin, is taking a place from the 5.- 10. October at the Gallery Kortil in RIjeka. It is initiated by prof. Ingeborg Fülepp and organized by the Center for Innovative Media - CIM APURI in a collaboration with Jolanda Todorović, director of the gallery Kortl and prof. Darija Žmak Kunić.

The aim of the workshop is to give the participants a chance to learn specific skills and produce the light installation by Ivana Franke, which would be presented at the exhibition Glowing Globe, Science-Fiction-Art at the Gallery Kortil in November 13.-23. 2019.

Participants are students and alumni from the University of Rijeka, Academy of Applied Arts Gloria Arapović, Ivana Barić, Ivan Botički, Luce Lukačić, Nives Žarković and Mira Žeželić.