"Historically Futuristic Virtual Walk", Research and Application of Virtual Reality in New Media Art

Academy of Applied Arts (APU) Rijeka, Academy of Fine Arts (ALU) Zagreb, Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU) Zagreb

Participants will receive specific knowledge and experience related to processes of virtual reality production under the supervision of mentors. The aim of the workshop is to design and implement VR art projects, which will be presented at the Glowing Globe, Science-Fiction-Art exhibition in Rijeka from 13-15. November 2019, and at the ALU and ADU galleries in Zagreb.

- Workshops are held in partially at all three academies or at special meeting places, studios and film sets, editing rooms and other institutions


07. - 08. 03. APURI, Sašo Sedlaček, introduction to Blender software

19:03. ALU Zagreb. Ingeborg Fülepp, Introduction to the program; Dijana Protić, Writing Scenario for VR, Sašo Sedlaček, presentation of his art works; Tena Bošnjaković, shooting with 360% camera

VM Gallery of Zagreb, VR artistic project "Evgenia308" by Marta D. Stražičić

29. 03. APU Rijeka, Dijana Protić "From idea to scenarios for virtual reality projects", lecture and workshop

01.04. ALU Zagreb, Dijana Protić "From Idea to Scenarios for Virtual Reality Projects", lecture and workshop, Marta Stražičić, experience in VR art projects

02.04. ALU Zagreb, Sašo Sedlaček, "Blender Software for VR"


08.04. ADU Zagreb 12-14, room 104, consultations with mentors

11.04. Paula Fumić showing her 3D model for print. More in Meshmixeru.

23.04. final synopsis

25. i 26. 04. APURI Sašo Sedlaček, workshop with softver Blender

26.04. u 14 h APURI, consultations

29.04. u 12h ; ALU consultations with Dijana Protić

30.04. shooting Luka Pršun, camera Tena Bošnjaković in MK, Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, consultant Dijana Protić

15. - 16. 05. APU Sašo Sedlaček, workshop with software Blender

31. 05. APU Sašo Sedlaček, workshop with software Blender

24. 05. APU Rijeka, Martina Zelenika MOON, presentation of the AR art project

02. 06. Zagreb, Location check for work of Daria Keršić "Ruins", camera Tena Bošnjaković,

25. 06. Zagreb, VR shooting work of Daria Keršić "Ruins", camera Tena Bošnjaković,

26.- 28. 06. APU Rijeka i ALU Zagreb, presentationen of works

NOTICE: Due to the tight schedule with other academic obligations, presentations of the works will be postponed to the end of the year