Micro-Macro Art II

Exhibition Opening April 17, 2018 at 8pm

Exhibition date 17-21 Apr 2018

SKC - Gallery of the Student Cultural Center, University of Rijeka, Kružna 8, 51000 Rijeka

Organizers of the exhibition are CIM APURI Center for Innovative Media - University of Rijeka, in cooperation with the Rijeka Science Festival 2018, SKC Gallery of the Student Cultural Center and UNIRI Student Union

Within the Festival, a concert of Allen and Nenad Sinkauz was organized in the Palach venue on April 21, with a video by Ivan Marusic Klif. Attached is the video documentation: https://vimeo.com/266069965

Exhibition curators: Prof. Ingeborg Fülepp (APURI) and a student at UNIRI Art History Mia Krneta

The Micro-Macro Art II exhibition at the SKC Gallery for the second time presents students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka as part of the Science Festival. This year's Science Festival is dedicated to scientific breakthroughs as amazing human accomplishments that have the power to comprehend puzzles and change our world. That art with such a heuristic power has been proven for centuries by the works of artists who, over and over, in different ways, from different perspectives, discover our world and broaden our perspectives. This exhibition therefore presents ten young artists with their unique and diverse discoveries.

Martina Goričanec and Angela Maksimović are intrigued, ironically, by perhaps our biggest puzzle - ourselves! Our consciousness and dreams and perceptions, experiences and emotions are the subject of her research. In an experimental video San or Java, inspired by Edgar Allan Po’s San's dream song, Martina Goričanec wonders what dreams are and what is reality. The confusing intertwining of blurry and vague frames of dream with talkative images of java leads us to skeptically rebel against our senses and reason and to wonder what is really real. On the other hand, abstract forms that associate what cosmological phenomena in SSS3 photographs, Angela Maksimović, express the melancholy feelings of individuals caused by the failure to realize their life dreams. Nadja Stevanović deals with a similar topic. In the Daymare video, the artist explores the phenomenon of fear. White ghosts are a representation of fear, which, for its strange movements, for an instant gives the impression of some kind of inspirational force, while in the other it seems like a restraining spasm. With an ambient installation of Bora on campus, Ivana Đericć explores our perception of space. The paper refers to the the Rijeka campus, and by inversion with the storm "trapped" in the interior of the building, that is, the tent, provokes our senses to indicate the instability of student life. A completely different subject of interest is Michael Knezević's experimental video Art. Art is a found footage of clips taken from the internet and linked into an attractive whole that Knezević calls "art." Since the work is created only as a combination of found footage scenes, it is an ironic critique of the art itself and the art world, because without its designation as a "work of art" it would have no other meaning or importance. Of similar interest is the work of Anja Alić, Criticism on Criticism. An object in the gallery space, a hat with ideas printed on a piece of paper, a document was a performance in which the artist collected the rejected ideas, most notably the students of the Academy, to ask about the value of artistic ideas, that is, the authority and their competence to determine the value of ideas of young artists.

Text written by Mia Krneta, Rijeka 2018