Graphic Design

UNDERGRADUATE: Grafički dizajn i vizualne komunikacije
GRADUATE: Visual Communications and Graphic Design

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the practice of shaping the way a brand, service, product, or socially significant goal communicates. Graphic design solves a specific problem using visual elements (graphic signs, photography, color, typography, etc.). It shapes two-dimensional and three-dimensional products while considering both aesthetics and functionality – from posters and packaging to exhibition space design. Today, graphic design is also used with new technologies, and its application is found everywhere around us.

Graphic design approaches each task as an exciting, creative, and communicative challenge. If you want to create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform, then graphic design is for you. 

Michael Bierut, Mastercard Logo
Michael Bierut, Mastercard Logo
Paula Scher, Strawberry Fields
Plakat Strawberry Fields, Paula Scher
Adrian Frutiger, Univers
Pismo Univers, Adrian Frutiger
Izložba Superstructure, Experminteal Jetset
Izložba Superstructure, Experminteal Jetset

What knowledge will I gain?

In the undergraduate program, you will familiarize yourself with the basics of the design profession through exercises and projects involving work on graphic signs, visual identity, book design, brochures, and packaging. At the graduate level, you will expand your knowledge by working on more complex projects of market communication. You will also consolidate knowledge from critical analysis, conceptualization, advertising, and brand communication. Through thematic lectures and a series of exercises, the study will provide you with comprehensive education for a graphic designer in line with contemporary professional requirements.

Works of our students

As part of the study, students solve various design problems, from visual identities and branding, book and magazine design, posters and packaging to mobile applications and websites.

Resources and working atmosphere?

Graphic design classes are held in a specialized workshop equipped with computers and tablets for professional work on design and multimedia projects. There are also photo workshops equipped with digital photo and video equipment, as well as resources of the Design and Production Center, equipped for two-dimensional and three-dimensional printing, binding, etc. Classes are conducted in small groups, in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, respecting the individuality of each student.