Beyond the Horizon

Exhibition of media art work by students and alumni from the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka, at the SC Gallery in Zagreb 30. 9 - 5 October 2019

Curators: Ingeborg Fülepp and Mia Krneta, organised by Ksenija Baronica, design Josip Drnić, pfotography Ive trojanovićWorks by Nataša Alavanja, Sandra Debanić, Blanka Dobrovolni, Dominik Grdic, Paula Fumić, Martina Goričanec, Mia Krneta, Omar Lovrić, Angela Maksimović, Michel Mesarić, Lucija Polonijo, Marina Rajšić, Ivana Sikirić, Sanjin Simčić.

The exhibition is realised with works of twelve young multimedia artists to represent the diversity of media expressions, formats and topics, as well as innovative new media artistic approaches developed in the framework of studies at the Academy in Rijeka, partly under the mentorship of Prof. Ingeborg Fülepp. The aim of the exhibition is to present their numerous and varied approaches of new media art to open up an opportunity for them to publicly present their work in Zagreb and to enter into future professional life.

"The Exhibition Beyond the Horizon presents thirteen young artists of different, individual expressions, who showcase their diversity of media expressions, forms and themes through their video and multimedia works, as well as innovative new media artistic approaches.
Nataša Alavanja, Martina Goričanec and Omar Lović and Paula Fumić, in the works presented deal with the topic of sleep. The toolkit in Narrative Video III shows his real dream. While Fumić conjures up his dynamic dreams with a repetitive animated film in which each repeated segment is further enhanced by the effects of color and sound, thus emphasizing the gradation of dreams from peace to chaos. Goričanec and Lović form an experimental video Beyond the Horizon into a triptych, laterally depicting their dreams - as signs of different personalities of the author - and by folding in the middle indicate an invisible place of understanding - beyond the horizon.
Angela Maksimović, in an experimental video Go with the Flow, with vibrant graphisms - created by abstracting the reflection of the surface of the water - accompanied by the sound of a heartbeat that transitions into electronic interference, symbolizes the restlessness and transience of a person's life. Ivana Sikirić, Marina Rajšić and Lucija Polonijo deal with criticism of the contemporary world. Sikirić, in the animated film People-Fishes, portrays the theme of manipulative modern society with the surreal world of tyrannical human-fish characters who rule and govern people. Rajšić in Video Collage The definition of beauty - linking photoshop to historical examples of beauty ideals, snapping a picture of yourself while working out, snapping a snapchat with your face distorted, and a snippet of tips on How To Be The Perfect Woman (According To Men) - asks the question "Who and how defines beauty? ". Lucia
Dominik Grdić and Michel Mesarić refer to their own relationships with the outside world. After discovering his refuge in the vast expanse of Sušak Island, Grdić plants a video screen with a shot of himself, planting himself in a sandy hill, becoming part of the island, and Mesarić uses the Skateboarding Movement as a symbol of moving borders, where breaking boards occurs as a sign of mastery. external, imposed and own, internal borders.
An ensemble for rebellion and body, it is a multimedia installation, Blanke Dobrovolny, which integrates the text of the invented musical notation for performing sound-physical, breathing gestures with visual and sound actions into a unique video performance.
Finally, the works of Sandra Debanić and Sanjin Simčić are an example of a blend of art, science and technology. Debanić in multimedia installation Glia - forgotten nerve cells on the canvas biological investigations of microstructure of glia cells transferred to the macrostructure of textile material, and Simčić in video animation Science-fantasy architecture shows the process of the artist's work and thinking when interpreting SEM images of an electron microscope, into architectural object and landscape of orgaic forms."

Tekst by Mia Krneta