A Walk in Memories, from Trsatska Gradina, across the University campus to the Astronomical Center S. Križ – is the emerging project which began with an exhibition of photographs and posters on the outer panels of the UNIRI campus, and took place from 3 to 28 February 2020. Shootage recorded with a 360 ° camera and with the help of a mobile phone directed to the QR code, excerpts from film sequences running on YouTube channel can be seen via the smartphone application.

After an exhibition on the Campus outdoor grounds, the project is shown at the Academy of Applied Arts with the additional application of virtual reality headsets.

The project was designed by Ingeborg Fülepp and Dijana Protić. Collaborators on the project are 360 ​​° video cameraman Tena Bošnjaković, actress Denis Kirinčić, editing and programming of virtual and augmented reality and photo processing by Marko Mrvoš, visual communications design by Korina Hunjak, sound design by Matko Baričević, poster printing Ivan Vranjić and Sebastijan Mujić.

The project is co-financed by the University of Rijeka, a strategic and program partner in the implementation of the project Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture within the program direction 27 neighborhoods - Neighborhood Campus and UNIRI project for Interdisciplinary Research and Application of New Media Technologies in Virtual Reality Art.