Prof. Srđa Hrisafović: Designing With Light

19.10.2015 – 28.10.2015

In a frame of the CEEPUS , Mobility Application Sheet, CIII-SI-0816-03-1516-M-86135 for CIII-SI-0816-03-1516 – ADRIART.CE

Academy of Applied Arts

Workshop Designing With Light first introduce the students to the phenomenon of light and then go deeper in to the subject of lighting, daylight and artificial lighting. Design studio project following the lecture course will explore lighting design for a small scale residential buildings or small size interiors. Students learn the whole process of lighting design, from the concept, through the light calculation, to the set of working drawings and visualization of light using different computer techniques.

My research interest is how light as media influence dimensioning and shaping architectural spaces in contemporary culture. In Northern Croatia specific quality of light and climate condition shaped the formed and spaced beautiful buildings from Renaissance to the modern architecture. Can we reinforce that finding in contemporary architecture? What happens at night? Is it possible to interpret the daylight specificum – so crucial in determining the genius loci - with artificial lighting? Could the city lighting be unique and authentic, while also technologically advanced and energy efficient?