EXHIBITION Outlandish Rijeka 10. - 14. May

Academy of Applied Arts, Slavka Krautzeka 83, first floor, opening hours from 10 am - 2 pm

In a frame of the Festival of Science 2021 Rijeka 

The "Outlandish Rijeka" project is the result of an inspiring collaboration between scientists and artists, professors and students, in an experimental environment.

The exhibition features photographs taken on video using a 360 ° camera. The QR code is written on the lower part, and the entire video sequence can be seen using a mobile phone.

Authors and collaborators: Assoc. mag. art. Ingeborg Fülepp, Associate Professor dr. sc. Vedrana Mikulić Crnković, Associate Professor dr. sc. Bojan Crnković, doctoral student Dijana Protić and student Marko Mrvoš.

Cameraman, image and sound editing: Marko Mrvoš, Music: Matko Baričević, Performers: Marko the Clown, Naim and Tino Trkulj, Horse Riders on the Gray Sparrow Ranch: Pette Rocco.

The project was partially co-financed by: KKT: Campus Creative Team, Rijeka 2020, European Capital of Culture, 27 neighborhoods; UNIRI projects

Video sequences can also be viewed on the YouTube channel

Molo Longo: https://youtu.be/u9kBsbuGkAQ

Hartera https://youtu.be/4iOZKWcZd6M

Korzo https://youtu.be/9nuxBfdOkbg

Kastav https://youtu.be/pnJvT-RC920