Exhibition Emergency Exit with works by Marko Mrvoš, Gaia Radić and Anastasia Asia Marcelja presented by the project leaders and the cre Dijana Protić, Katarina Poki Rukavina and me.
The exhibition and the course were realized with the support of art projects of the University of Rijeka. Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Tomislav Brajnović
With the emergence of the pandemic crisis, many processes related to the development and use of digital technology have become widely applicable in everyday life: the focus of social events, including education and the arts, has shifted, almost entirely - to the digital space. In response to the simulated reality, the Emergency Exit project critically considers and responds to the long-term consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, in particular, to their reflection in the community, through awareness of the intertwining of art, artefact, science, public and private. The findings gained through the transdisciplinary collaboration of experts in the field of natural sciences and humanities, resulted in the artwork of students as a result of the fusion of digital art practices (3D animation, sound art, virtual reality) and artificial intelligence algorithms.
Babylonian Hanging Gardens is a multimedia installation by student Gaija Radić, which explores the correlation of virtual, physical and pictorial space in an immersive way. The motif of the Tower of Babel and its hanging gardens was chosen due to the fact that the biblical story of the construction of the Tower is proof of man's pretense of entering the immaterial layer of reality. The installation deals with the concepts of digitally-simulated landscape and the role of organic nature in the context of modern "screen" everyday life. Also, the project examines all the characteristics that pictorial representations of architectural or natural spaces in order to take on a virtual sign.
3D object of student Marko Mrvoš Comments, is a projection of comments posted on social networks as reactions of Internet users to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. The project was created as a visualization of the research of comments on social networks using artificial intelligence, organized by the Department of Informatics, University of Rijeka. The analysis is made by dealing with the basic division into neutral, positive and negative comments: by making this project simulation of public opinion, which in the digital space, de facto, is demonstrated more strongly and explicitly than in reality.