PANEL DISCUSSION – Art Zagreb  / Hala V / Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla

Organizer: Society of Croatian Art Historians

Moderator: Hana Katanić, art history student


— Ingeborg Fülepp, Center for Innovatime Media, Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka
— Bruno Škvorc, blockchain developer
— Dina Dragija, NFT artist
— Petra Horvatović, art historian with global art market experience, one of the founders of a new NFT platform

NFT art (non-fungible token) or crypto art is a global phenomenon in the field of new media art practices and blockchain technologies that emerged in 2017. Although the "official" art criticism still did not position of art criticism, NFT art has launched a very lively art scene with Croatian artists actively participate. Although still without the "official" art criticism standpoint, NFT art has launched a very lively art scene with Croatian artists as active participators.
In order to open a dialogue between artists, theorists and blockchain developers who know the principles of the new market, the interdisciplinary panel opens several topics: the history of new media in Croatia and the role of NFT, valuation, provenance, plagiarism, authorship, ownership, collecting. What is the relationship between modern digital phenomena and cultural institutions in Croatia? In what ways to enable the communication of cultural institutions and crypto markets and whether there is need for their connection after all?
The panel is open to all enthusiasts of the crypto market and digital art, whether they are investors, sellers, theorists or curious amateurs.