Set Design

UNDERGRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education
GRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education

What is Set Design?

Set design is an interdisciplinary field that applies visual artistry in the broadest sense. It intersects sculpture, painting, and acting, creating a specifically designed space intended for a particular story or event. Scenic spaces include all areas that involve subjects and/or objects, indicating the event that is happening right now through their presence.

By shaping real, physical spaces for dramatic, cinematic, or other events, you participate in their creation. Let the creation of the illusion of reality begin.


What knowledge will I gain?

The knowledge gained from sculpture, painting and acting will be transferred into the creative process of shaping the stage space. You will conceive space through visual equipment for performances, create conceptual ideas for performances and visual media events, and design spaces for virtual reality. As a member of an authorial team or independently, you will design scenography for performances, theater, or film productions. Your work will be related to the concept of space in which the dramatic work or conceptual proposal will take place. You will design and build space according to technical drawings, and in such a shaped space, you will also design the lighting.

Works of our students

Resources and working atmosphere?

Teaching is adapted to follow individual themes and concepts. With mentorship, every segment of the scenographic process is made aware. Through fieldwork, you will develop through teamwork and collaborative action, collaborating with authorial teams of institutions such as the Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc, the Croatian Cultural Center in Sušak, the local television KanalRi, and others.