Costume design

UNDERGRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education
GRADUATE: Applied Art, Art Education

What is costume design?

Costume design falls within the realm of applied arts and combines knowledge and skills from the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, as well as theoretical courses applied in the mediums of theater, film, and performance. The costume designer, through costume, makeup, and mask, creates various characters and personas from dramatic, operatic, or dance templates on stage.

Costume and mask are an inseparable part of the performative act from the very inception of theater. Create costumes and masks that portray the mood, atmosphere, and emotional journey of your characters.


What knowledge will I gain?

Costume design enables the application of knowledge acquired in drawing, painting, graphics, and sculpture in a new and creative way. In the Costume Design and Fashion course, you will gain knowledge about the history of dressing, textile processing and painting, costume making, theatrical masks, and various costume accessories. Through visual arts and fashion, you will create your innovative projects for theater productions, performances, film, or television. You will learn to independently or collaboratively creatively realize costume designs according to the given template.

Works of our students

Resources and working atmosphere?

Costume design classes are conducted in modernly equipped classrooms. Classes are conducted in small groups, in a creative and relaxed atmosphere. The individuality of all students is respected, and they are encouraged to work on independent projects at the Academy, in collaboration with the Acting and Media course and other established institutions such as the Croatian National Theater I. pl. Zajc (Rijeka) and the Croatian Cultural Center Sušak.