Art Education

GRADUATE: Art Education
ART EDUCATION pedagogija

What is art education?

Art education studies, explores, and enhances the field of education in visual arts. The Art Education program consists of three main components: the first encompasses subjects in the artistic field where you will develop your own creative potentials and interests. The second group consists of subjects in the field of art theory and art history, while the third group gathers subjects in pedagogy, psychology and teaching methodology, where you will acquire skills necessary for transmitting artistic knowledge and interpreting works of art. This program will prepare you for work in primary schools and various educational institutions, museums, etc.

If you have a passion for broad knowledge in visual arts and want to pass it on to others, then art education is the choice for you.


What knowledge will I gain?

After completing the undergraduate level, you will understand the cultural, social, and historical processes in art, and you will be able to apply the gained experiences and knowledge in the contemporary context. After the graduate level, you will be able to independently devise teaching content, plans, and programs. Also, you will be able to conduct individual teaching in primary and secondary art education independently and work in teamwork. The skills learned will enable you to successfully design and lead lifelong learning programs and educational programs in various social and cultural institutions.

Works of our students

Resources and working atmosphere?

Classes are conducted in small groups, in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, respecting the individuality of each student. Opportunities for expanding teaching practice include intensive connections with the local community, as well as with former students who are now artists, museum employees, founders of artistic and educational associations, and teachers in primary and secondary schools.