Glowing Globe, Changes and Challenges, Rijeka 11.-25. October 2023

Exhibition, Symposium, Screenings, Performance will take place at the galley Kortil- HKD Rijeka, Astronomy Center Rijeka, UNIRI University Rijeka, APURI Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Curators: Ingeborg Fülepp, Dijana Protić, Gloria Aino Grzywatz; Collaborators: Tomislav Brajnović, Iris Vidmar Jovanović, Jolanda Todorović

Gallery Kortil - HKD Exhibition Opening: 11. October, 7 pm. Duration from 12. - 25. October. Artists: : Jonas BlumeAlex BrajkovićIngeborg Fülepp Gloria Aino Grzywatz, Gabriel HenscheJoanna Hoffmann, Vladislav Knežević, Martina MenegonLauren Moffatt, Petra Mrša, Dijana Protić, Nika Rukavina, Michaela Strumberger

University of Rijeka. Symposium: 12. October, 10 am – 4 pm.  Introduction: Ingeborg Fülepp, Dijana Protić, Gloria Aino Grzywatz;  Participants: Jonas Blume, Alex Brajković, Gabriel Hensche, Joanna Hoffmann, Vladislav Knežević, Martina Menegon, Lauren Moffatt, Petra Mrša, Nika Rukavina, Michaela Strumberger

Astronomy Center Rijeka, Planetarium: Screenings 360 films 12. October, 8 pm. Artists: Alex Brajković Vladislav Knežević, Diane ReichenbachPentatonic Permutations - live at the Planetarium, sound installation by Benjamin Heidersberger, 9 pm  

Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka: Film screening and video games presentation discussions, 13. October, 10 am – 1 pm. Film by Petra Mrša, Talk about video games by Aleksandar Gavrilović and Hrvoje Ryznar

Financial support: the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Rijeka, the Austrian Cultural Forum, Adam Mickiewicz Institute Poland

Cooperation with Kortil Gallery - HKD Rijeka, Astronomy Center Rijeka and the University Rijeka: Academy of Applied Arts and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Contact:Center for Innovative Media APURI; gsm and WhatsApp: +385 (0) 99 3974718; email:


Today, when we witness a clear gap between technological progress, social challenges, and global crises, we should also step back and recognize current problems, similarities and paradigms that can provide valuable guidance for future transformations.

The works of art that will be shown at the exhibition in the Kortil gallery raise questions and raise awareness of unstable positions in contemporary society, which is constantly changing under the influence of various crises (climatic, health, economic, war). The Glowing Globe exhibition, with the subtitle Changes and Challenges, wants to investigate in what way and how a set of contemporary problems are reflected in innovative artistic practices, and which current artistic narratives are possible responses to global crises.

The works that will be presented at the exhibition relate to digital art like 2D digital and 3D prints and sculptures, 360 video, video animation, virtual and augmented reality, sound art and contemporary performance.

Along with the exhibition, as a side program, a symposium will take a place at the University of Rijeka, to bring together artists, experts in digital technologies, philosophers and other theoreticians who will contribute to a better understanding of the wider social context with an interdisciplinary approach.